Advisory Services*

What is Advisory Services*?

Advisory services* is a means of investment whereby investors rely on the investment decisions of professional investment managers rather than their own. These investments will incur fees that can vary by the type of professional money management utilized.

Understanding Advisory Services*

Advisory services* offers investors many benefits and advantages. Essentially, investors with advisory services* believe they can earn higher returns by employing someone else to professionally advise them on their investments. Advisory services* also requires less personal investment analysis and fewer transactional costs from buying and selling individual securities.

In the investment market, investors have a few different options for allocating their investments among professionally managed service providers. Financial advisors, wrap accounts and managed funds are three of the primary options investors look to for managed money services.

  • Advisory services* refers to a strategy in which investors use the services of professional investment managers, who charge fees for their services.
  • Financial advisors, wrap accounts and managed funds are three examples of professional investment managers used by investors.